Mr. Nyland

“Because we have been in contact with each other long enough to know the difference between an attempt to wake up with the introduction of objectivity and your subjective living. There ought to be by this time, a certain indicator of what an aim could be for you and that aim should be, as I said the other day, on the front of your forehead like a miner’s lamp constantly lighting up that what is inside of what is the rubbish of your mind. To be able to understand, a little bit, about the difficulties of this world as a whole and be strong enough to counteract such influences that we call economic and political”
Mr. Nyland, January 9, 1971

Gurdjieff’s Teaching in the Groups of Willem A. Nyland


Philadelphia/Media Group

The Philadelphia area Gurdjieff group, started in the early 70's by Mr. Nyland's students, is seeking new and old students to study and practice Gurdjieff's three centered approach to self development. Meetings typically consist of a reading from Gurdjieff's books: "All and Everything" or "Meetings with Remarkable Men". The reading is followed by a description and discussion of Gurdjieff's Work on Oneself.

We welcome those interested in investigating the practice of Gurdjieff teachings to join us for our Reading and Introductory Meetings in Media.

In addition to meetings we work on projects together in order to put the fundamentals of Work on Oneself into practice in everyday life. To broaden the scope of our working together and take advantage of movements lessons, periodic trips are scheduled to The Institute for Religious Development in New York as well as California, Arizona, and other group locations.

For further information, phone or email Myra Reichel at 610-348-5698,

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