Mr. Nyland

“When we work together, you create an atmosphere … and the more there are people who work and understand and make attempts, the better that level is—because you can feel it. One can become sensitive to that, and then it can encourage you.”
Mr. Nyland, January 10, 1969

Mr. Nyland’s Groups

Mr. Gurdjieff taught that we need others to help us in our struggle. At the same time, inner development can only come from our own efforts. Sharing our experiences provides the basis for group work. Being part of a group shows us all types of people and helps us develop compassion. It provides stimulation and useful friction and helps create an environment in which we can take our place at the table. Responsibility for our spiritual growth remains with each of us but is fed by our involvement with others.

In the late 1960s, Mr. Nyland established a center in Warwick, NY, where he purchased property now known as Chardavogne Barn. He also purchased property near San Francisco, California now known as The Land. At these and other locations he conducted meetings, Gurdjieff movements, and workdays for physical activities. The following groups continue with such activities directed by long-term students of Mr. Nyland:

 Eastern US Boston, Massachusetts
New York City (Chardavogne Barn)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 Western US Northern California (The Land)
Southern California
New Mexico
Washington State
 Central US Texas
 International Australia

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